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Tribal Sovereignty Contextualization Brief

Land Acknowledgement Brief

Children of the Setting Sun Productions (CSSP) is a Native owned and operated 501(c)(3) located in Bellingham, Washington, near the Lummi Nation. CSSP is an Access and Equity Partner of North Sound ACH with common goals of providing and furthering a tribal education learning series for North Sound ACH Partners and staff with a specific focus on Coast Salish tribes and the North Sound region. CSSP is a useful resource for anyone looking for tribal expertise in the development of a land acknowledgment. CSSP has volunteered to provide support to any North Sound ACH Partners who are looking for more guidance during the development or implementation of a land acknowledgment.

Please contact CSSP if your organization is interested in vetting your land acknowledgment through CSSP or have any questions regarding tribal learning. Email Darrell Hillaire or visit