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Now more than ever the health inequities among different populations are glaring. We acknowledge that most of your time is dedicated to COVID-19 mitigation right now, however, we must keep ‘equity for all’ as our focus throughout. As the North Sound ACH’s commitment to providing our partners with education around health equity and tribal learning we are continuing our journey through these times of uncertainty. On Wednesday, May 13, 2020 we had the honor of hosting Esther Lucero lead a webinar on Tribal Health Policy.

Esther Lucero is Dinè and Latina and a third generation urban Indian from Colorado Springs. A leader in national public health policy for urban American Indians and Alaska Natives, Esther became CEO of the Seattle Indian Health Board in 2015 and completed a reorganization of the company that is grounded in indigenous knowledge.

Esther’s passion and advocacy for Native health and transformative approaches to indigenous research and evaluation, Federal Indian Law and policy, reproductive justice for Indigenous women, and LGBTQ Two-Spirit health has made her a leader in health both in the Seattle area and nationally.