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Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) is the integration of clinical knowledge, patient values and preferences, and the best research evidence. Yet, all too often, we focus too heavily on the clinical expertise and best research evidence and fail to incorporate the patient values and preferences. In fact, step one requires the provider to start with the patient– ask questions and solicit information.

In the North Sound ACH and throughout the state, evidence-based practices play a central role in transformation; they offer data backed evidence that supports increased efficiency and improved outcomes. The Health Care Authority has provided (in the Medicaid Transformation Toolkit) the suggested models to implement in each project area. Yet, if the Toolkit prescribes the What (evidence based models such as Transitions Care Model (TCM), Bright Futures, Pathways), then the question for the ACHs is How?  How will we use these models for successful healthcare transformation?

We have a plan. As the 2018 planning year approaches, the North Sound ACH staff and project planning teams will look to community input, values and preferences, assuring it is a part of the data that drives creation of implementation plans. Data-driven evidence based practices hold great promise, and together with engagement data, will move our region toward meaningful transformation. We will have to embrace the complexity that this approach brings. If we do, we will have transformation activities that truly bring about improved health outcomes for all communities in the North Sound ACH region.