Vanessa Diaz

Program Manager (She/Her)

Vanessa grew up in the Skagit Valley as a second-generation Mexican American and is an enrolled Samish Indian Nation tribal member. She has several years of experience working in the medical community, supporting medical offices ranging from primary care to specialty clinics. She joined NSACH in 2019 as a Community and Administrative Associate and is currently Program Manager for Emergency Response and Resiliency.

Her family inspires her to help improve the lives of others. “Coming from an immigrant family, I understand the work it takes to keep climbing to improve my life. My Grandfather who came here from Mexico with nothing and was a farmworker for decades, has molded me to be the hard-working person I am. Being an Indigenous woman and the teachings that my family taught me how to give back with the blessings that I have been given. Working for the ACH has allowed me to make a difference in the communities that I come from. As I learn and grow in my professional career, I hope to make more of a difference in the future to marginalized communities.”

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