Sandra Chavez

Procurement Associate (she/her)

Sandra Chavez joined the North Sound ACH team as our Procurement Associate in August 2023.

As a first-generation Mexican American and mother of three, her commitment to our community is driven by her desire to build a brighter future for generations to come. She envisions a community where her children, and theirs, can thrive, and she strives to lead by example, instilling pride and inspiration in her children. Sandra’s personal journey has been shaped by the challenges of a community with limited resources and opportunities. Her passions include improving mental health, supporting addiction recovery, advocating for immigration, and championing our youth. “Working at an organization like the ACH, where we can provide abundant resources to the community, inspires strength and showcases success in the people.”

Looking ahead, Sandra plans to become a Social Worker to continue to create greater positive change within our communities.

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