Nicole Donovan

Senior Program Manager (She/Her)

Nicole Donovan joined North Sound ACH in March 2022 as Senior Program Manager on our Emergency Response team. Previously working as a licensed midwife as well as doing social work with the elderly, she has always been someone to push societal norms and break down the boxes people have been put into. In her work, she learned to advocate for those not always able to speak for themselves in moments of crisis, and for those who had limited access to resources in rural communities. This expanded her learning about social justice, health equity, and access to care and became her foundation for person-centered care and relationship building.

Working at North Sound ACH, her innovative nature feels welcomed and encouraged. Having been a single mother for many years, she understands the struggles that others may face when it comes to navigating the system and wants to extend her knowledge to community members. “I am keenly aware of the privilege my skin color grants me in society, and it is my mission to use it to create compassionate cultures of belonging, where everyone has what they need to thrive, in organizations and the communities we serve.” She is currently working on her Master of Arts, in Maternal and Child Health Systems.

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