Natalie Esparza, BS

Communications Specialist (She/They)

Natalie joined North Sound ACH in August 2021 on the communications team. They graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Marketing from DePaul University in Chicago, Ill. and bring five years experience in creating new and innovative ways in connecting information and resources to those who wouldn’t normally see or pay attention to it.

What drives them in this work is the importance of community and strength in numbers. “When I was younger we had a breakfast and after snack school program and at the time I didn’t realize the significance of it, it was just a place for me to go and connect with others in the same situation. Looking back, I am so thankful that those programs were available because it gave me somewhere to go, be safe and know I wasn’t alone. Not everyone is as fortunate and I want to bring awareness to the fact that even if it is something as ‘small’ as a before/after school program, things like this are what can make/break a community.”

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