Liz Baxter, MPH

CEO (she/her)

Liz is the CEO, reporting to the North Sound ACH Board of Directors, and is responsible for assuring the organization has sound strategies in place to achieve the goals and strategic direction set by the Board. Liz joined North Sound ACH in fall 2016, as the ACH was formalizing its status as an independent nonprofit entity. With a strong emphasis on community engagement and equity, coupled with a career around transformative health policy development and implementation, Liz adds leadership and a penchant toward disruptive innovation that will build upon the strengths of the North Sound region and its partners.

She lives her life at the intersections – mixed race, lesbian, children by birth and adoption, and a health policy and data nerd who believes in the power and richness of community story and dialogue. She is the fifth of six children born to parents from St. Thomas, living most of her school years in poverty but never knew it. As she puts it, “My family was rich in love, health and passion for caring for others.” She stated that she never experienced racism directly until college, and has felt it most days ever since.

Liz believes we have a responsibility to make the system work better for the person next to us, and for those who come after us. She feels privileged to work with a team that is committed to equity, racial and social justice, and sees ways to embed that in ordinary and extraordinary activities.

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