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Since 2017, Heather has been integral in shepherding our deliverables to the Washington Health Care Authority. She joined our team after graduating with a Masters of Public Health from the University of Washington in their Community-Oriented Public Health Practice program. 

“I see the amazing resources, services, and gifts in our communities and the potential they have – if people can come together to do the work – to greatly improve health and well-being, and to transform systems of oppression into systems that help people thrive.”

Heather grew up in Bellingham with parents who worked in healthcare, and considers it an honor to continue that work in her home community. She lives in Bellingham with her husband Joe and very cute “pandemic baby” Malcolm, born in May 2020. 

“There is no such thing as a single-issue struggle, because we do not lead single-issue lives. Our struggles are particular, but we are not alone. What we must do is commit ourselves to some future that can include each other and to work toward that future with the particular strengths of our individual identities.” — Audre Lorde