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Vital Condition: Humane Housing — Wednesday, March 31

People are able to thrive when they have safe, stable places to live. That means we feel secure, our homes and neighborhoods are free from hazards, and our communities provide us what we need. In this session, we discussed the historical context behind our nation’s lack of stable housing, strategies to meet housing needs now, and opportunities to create sustainable, inclusive housing for all community members. Partners shared insights and heard from leading organizations, including Enterprise Community Partners, Opportunity Council, and Northwest Youth Services.

Winter 2021 Partner Convening

Past Session Recordings

Vital Conditions: Session 3 Mental Health & Well Being [Part 2]
Wednesday, December 9
Click here to view recording.

This session features the Clinical Director from didgwálič Wellness Center.  In preparation for the session, please view this video on the center and document outlining their treatment model. 

Vital Conditions: Session 1 — Food
Wednesday, October 21
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Vital Conditions: Session 2 Mental Health & Well Being [Part 1]
Wednesday, November 18
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Complementary resources for this session can be found here.

July 2020 Learning Sessions and Annual August Convening
From Response to Resilience: How will we advance equitable well-being together?
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