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OPHI is the bridge between the public’s health, public health, and health care. OPHI fits in the spaces where we live, learn, work and play; worship, receive care, shop and travel in-between, with a commitment to advance equity and reduce disparities.We rarely, if ever, work alone. We value our health system and community partners; they make the work richer and more long lasting in its impact.

OPHI made the following video to show what we believe in and how the following areas are not distinct/separate policy areas to us – but rather issues that influence our work in communities across the state, because we are committed to community-led, community-driven solutions. We thank all of you who work alongside us, for your passion to improve health.

○ OPHI is exploring some new and fun areas like the intersections between music and health, and the arts and health. We pursue new conversations around health with diverse and unique partners.

○ OPHI stands with Umpqua Community College, and call on you to address preventable violence. This requires that we work together to build stronger communities, social cohesion, and address the issues that push individuals toward violence. It will require us all to stand, walk, wheel and let our voices be heard.

○ We stand with Black Lives Matter, out of the belief that OPHI cannot hold true to its commitment to advance equity and reduce disparities if we do not acknowledge the devastating impact that institutionalized racism has in arrests, incarceration, shootings, graduation rates, employment  – and our health.

○ OPHI just created a policy on discrimination and gentrification that will ground our work. We believe economic development, and building and supporting community infrastructure, and that we can support the people who live in communities, without resulting in them being outpriced of their homes as their communities grow and prosper.

○ OPHI stands with the growing number of Community Health Workers as they take on more prominent roles in the health of people in their communities because we believe that CHWs make a difference.  

Help us continue to show the intersections and connections and how policies impact health. If you are interested in climate change, what’s happening with Seniors or any other focus and you connect it to health, we want to work with you.

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