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Olympic Community of Health Stands in Solidarity

By Celeste Schoenthaler, Executive Director

We are grateful for other ACHs in the state also sharing statements. The following was sent to Olympic Community of Health’s mailing list on June 2.

As an organization, as a team, as human beings, we are deeply saddened and disturbed by the tragic death of George Floyd. Olympic Community of Health stands in solidarity with the Black community and all People of Color. There is pain, anger, and suffering within our home here in the Olympic region. We recognize that this outpour of frustration and grief is a response to the presence of oppression, violence, and racism that has existed in our nation and communities for centuries.

Olympic Community of Health aims to “tackle health issues that no single sector or Tribe can tackle alone”, which includes tackling systemic racism and discrimination. As a region, we are a part of a bigger community; We are impacted by our neighbors in Seattle and Minneapolis. The injustices that we see happening in our world are issues that can only be addressed if we learn from one another and come together in support of those who have had their voices silenced.

Olympic Community of Health is committed to learning from the many incredible communities in the Olympic region, learning about the presence of power, privilege, and oppression, while collaboratively working towards a future that supports the health and wellbeing of ALL communities. We encourage you to lean into any discomfort you many feel, have tough conversations, ask your neighbors, friends, and family how you can support them, and reach out if you need support.