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UPDATE: Our first session of this series on October 21 was extremely valuable. Visit this page for a link to the recording and current details on upcoming sessions.

We were introduced to the Vital Conditions for Well-being this year at the partner retreat. We working with our colleagues at Community Initiatives to tee up a series of discussions that dive a little deeper into some of the conditions needed in order for people and communities to thrive. The first session in this series is Wednesday, October 21 — join us!

Vital Conditions for Well-Being: Session 1 — Food
Wednesday, October 21
11:00 am – 12:00 pm

A focus on how food systems shape the health and well-being of our communities–and ways we can pivot toward thriving people and places.  Click here to register.

Save the Dates for future sessions:
November 18 — Freedom from Violence, Trauma, and Addiction
December 9 — Humane Housing

Note to ACH Implementation Partners: We strongly encourage your participation as part of our shared equity learning journey.

About the series:
Our ability to thrive depends on having a consistent set of vital conditions, such as clean air, fair pay, humane housing, early education, routine health care, and other pragmatic necessities.  Personal experiences may rise and fall from birth to death. But vital conditions, or social determinants of health, persist over generations, shaping the exposures, choices, opportunities and adversities that we each encounter throughout our lives. 

Each session in this learning series will offer a conversation among national and regional experts, discussing what it will take to address and expand the vital conditions we all need in order to thrive.

You can see some materials that being gathered for North Sound at this link. More materials will be added as we progress through each session. 

This three-part learning series will introduce selected vital conditions from Thriving Together: A Springboard for Recovery and Resilience in Communities Across America: two components of basic needs for health and safety–food and freedom from violence, trauma, and addiction–and humane housingThis series is open to all partners and community members interested in working with us to build communities that advance health, equity, wellbeing and belonging.