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North Sound ACH supports learning, advocacy, and collaborative action across the
region. Building on our regional partnerships, the network can respond quickly and efficiently to
address emerging needs in areas where investments in capacity are critically needed.

We have been asked by many across the region now they can support the work. We now have an online donation form – a simple way for anyone to contribute to several regional programs. Contributing to this work impacts the lives of so many across the region.


We are currently seeking support for these initiatives:

Afghan refugee resettlement support. Several partner community-based organizations are deeply engaged with newly arrived Afghan families who need immediate support as many arrived with only what they wore on the plane. Your contribution will be sent to partners to help with housing, bedding, hygiene kits, and immunization efforts, as examples. Since some of the smaller community organizations don’t have finance and contracting infrastructure, North Sound ACH is acting as a backbone partner to support them as they do such incredibly important people-to-people support activities.  

Community Health Worker (CHW)/Promotoras Fund. CHWs and Promotoras comprise a trusted workforce that provides interpreter services, navigation, transportation, and education in communities who do not intersect with mainstream messaging or traditional ways of accessing resources. They are often unpaid for their services. Working with community-based organizations, North Sound ACH is building a fund to support training, transportation, and equitable payment for the time this workforce spends advancing well-being in often overlooked communities.

Thank you for your support!