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We’re excited to share resources throughout the month to honor the indigenous peoples in our region, state, and nation. Stay tuned for videos, articles, and more as we explore these themes:

  • Sovereignty
  • Resilience through Addiction
  • Indigenous Youth
  • Thanksgiving history and Land Acknowledgement

Find information on recognition nationally here.

From our CEO, Liz Baxter:
Leaders of the Coast Salish tribes have been instrumental in guiding the launch and growth of North Sound ACH. When our board was elected in 2017, eight seats were designated such that each tribe could appoint someone to join the ACH Board, recognizing the strength, history and wisdom that each tribe brings to advance the health and well-being of people who live in this region. Two years ago North Sound ACH adopted a land acknowledgement statement so we never forget upon whose land we sit. We are honored to join with Children of the Setting Sun Productions in sharing videos and resources throughout the month of November, noted as Native American Heritage Month, which will remain in our repository for others to access. Please join us in gratitude to CSSP for producing these films, and with us as we continue our Tribal and Equity Learning Journey.

From Children of the Setting Sun Productions Founder, Darrell Hillaire:
On behalf of the Children of the Setting Sun Family, we lift up our hands to North Sound ACH for recognizing Native American Heritage Month and for including us in their programming throughout the month of November. Our shared values continue to inspire change leading to equity and creating voices for the next generation. At the end of the day, we hope for unity, equity and peace to be found by all people.  

The history of the nations indigenous to North America and the burgeoning United States is one that is widely unknown. In order to uncover the entangled roots of the colonial settlers and the First Peoples of this land, Children of the Setting Sun convened indigenous knowledge keepers to speak on the subject. 
The stories that emerged reveal indigenous values, beliefs and lifeways as they were pre-contact and as they are today. We begin with Oren Lyons, a faithkeeper for the Onondaga Nation of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy located in modern day upstate New York. 

“Sovereignty”, with Oren Lyons.

We encourage you to take time to view these powerful videos and reflect on what was shared.

Sovereignty with Oren Lyons (Part 1)

Sovereignty with Oren Lyons (Part 2)