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When it comes to making lasting changes in a community’s health and healthcare, the best intentions can easily be overwhelmed by the complexity, divergent viewpoints, roadblocks involved, and by the expertise required to deal with them all.

That’s where OPHI comes in. We bring wide-ranging experience and resources to be a dependable partner and guide throughout the entire process. Our driving mission is building vibrant and healthy communities in Oregon — and we’ve been doing that since 1999.

We encourage and support community-led solutions.By teaming with a wide range of private and public partners, we help organizations transcend and leverage traditional healthcare strategies in ways that enhance health and reduce disparities.

OPHI is adept at breaking down silos to enable synergies among multi-sector stakeholders with diverse points of view. At any time, you will find our talented, innovative team engaged with many communities throughout Oregon and on several fronts at once, helping effect meaningful and sustainable changes throughout the state and beyond.

Incorporating Community Voice.OPHI learns from community leaders and builds on their leadership to develop policy. Our team has expertise in working with local partners to gather and incorporate community input and translate that input into policy and practice.

OPHI provides consulting services for other organizations working on integrating health into policies, plans and projects. Organizations interested in working with OPHI should contact