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OPHI helps bring partners and community stakeholders together and galvanize them toward achieving common goals. Helping disparate organizations embrace a shared vision is vital to health initiatives, and OPHI has long taken a leadership role in Oregon in doing so. We will help manage projects and coalitions to ensure effective collaborative efforts, and will coordinate with state and local health entities to ensure that our work supports and enhances their projects, plans and capacities. OPHI links partners and engages communities to achieve mutual goals. We align with culturally specific organizations and other community leaders, present and train on topics impacting health, and develop tools to integrate social and healthcare transformation.


  • The Genius Awards Luncheon celebrates leadership and innovation statewide, highlighting communities working to improve health and equity.
  • OPHI began a series of discussions about moving from where we are today to what we should be looking at in the future. Topics included how small organizations can use data to drive decisions, how climate change impacts health, and how public health leaders can respond to violence in our communities.
  • OPHI is the intermediary for work funded by Kresge and local partners to drive investment in East Portland to improve equity – one of only five cities nationally involved in this initiative.

Organizations interested in working with OPHI should contact Regina Ingabire:, 503-227-5502 x230.

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