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As we close out the final days of 2017, and march into the new year, we are grateful for the breadth and depth of knowledge, innovation and passion that exists within the North Sound partners and communities. Together, you all have laid the groundwork for change, and our team sees so much opportunity in front of us. To address an issue as challenging – and devastating – as opioids will take us all, with the usual and unexpected partners working together. 

In 2018, we will be working with you to – 

  • Support the counties and the BHO (Behavioral Health Organization) as they forge ahead in integrating managed care and behavioral health services;
  • Detail out the initiatives that will be carried out in our region, with the goal of having those initiatives starting on the ground in the second half of the year;
  • Negotiate contracts with partners who will be carrying out the initiatives; 
  • Pushing out data that describes needs and assets across the region;
  • Analyze workforce (current and future needs), value based payment and population health management strategies;
  • Explore opportunities with partners to support regional work beyond the Medicaid Transformation Project (recognizing that the current Transformation funds will only carry us so far).

That is the promise of the ACH – to be a regional table that coordinates work across partner organizations, optimizes funding to partners who do the work of transforming Medicaid; solicit and incorporate insights and perspectives from community members to guide the work, and find the ‘next’ opportunity to work together for positive change. Thank you for being on this journey with us, and we wish you all a healthy and happy new year!