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This space is a safe space dedicated to supporting young leaders in the North Sound region while specifically holding space for the voices of those who are of communities that have historically been silenced, marginalized, and oppressed. 

The planning team of the North Sound Indigenous Futurity Alliance is led by the voices of Indigenous youth and young leaders in the North Sound region. Staff of North Sound ACH, Children of the Setting Sun Productions, Communities of Color Coalition, and Community Initiatives also support the work, goals, and intentions of the North Sound Indigenous Futurity Alliance.

During 2021, the Alliance will be hosting gatherings for and by youth and young leaders in the North Sound region that focus on mental health, behavioral health, wellness, well-being, Belonging, and resiliency.

For more information or to join any upcoming events, please email Michaela. Check out the website here.

Planning Meetings

Each Friday from 1 – 2 p.m. on Zoom.

Upcoming Events

November 4-5, 2021 event – 2nd Annual North Sound Indigenous Youth and Young Leaders Conference

December 2021 event – Holiday/Year End Celebration.


The 2020 Indigenous Youth Conference was a two-day virtual conference designed by and for Indigenous youth leaders in the North Sound region. The conference was designed to be a safe space for youth and young adults (18-24) to share their ideas and experiences. As identified by the conference planning committee, the overall goals of the 2020 Indigenous Youth Conference were to:

  • Get youth’s attention in the North Sound region.
  • Inform youth of opportunities their communities offer.
  • Get youth and young leaders active and involved in the community.

Within the North Sound region, as well as across the nation, youth and young leaders are leading the way in their communities and families. Unfortunately, the public and private school systems as well as the healthcare systems in place, have historically been constructed without intentionality for access to services by and for Indigenous youth and/or young Indigenous people. North Sound ACH heard a call to action when Indigenous youth and young leaders vocalized that as a result of systemic design and racism, it is easy for marginalized communities to feel alone or isolated. Further, Indigenous youth expressed that it remains difficult to know how to get the right kind of help for the specific needs of Indigenous people and communities.

In January 2020, North Sound ACH hosted the partner convening in Tulalip, Washington where Eliza Julius (Lummi Nation) inquired to all North Sound ACH staff, board, and partners that were present, as to why there were no other youth involved at the event other than herself while stressing the importance of the voice of youth and young leaders. Eliza also asked about the possibility for a youth convening. During the January 2020 Partner Convening, Liz Baxter and Eliza Julius, who also serves as part of the Indigenous Youth Podcast at CSSP, set a plan to elevate Eliza’s vision and for a youth gathering to occur within the year. Planning for the conference began July 24, 2020.

Read more about the inaugural two-day conference here.