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Amanda Winters, MPH, MPA, Cooper Stodden, CSE

Advancing Health Equity through Gender Affirming Health Systems was a 2016 collaboration between Cardea Services (Cardea) and Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic (OBCC), a community clinic of Seattle Children’s Hospital, funded by Pride Foundation and Beyond the Bridge.

Cardea’s objectives were to:

  • Develop an organizational assessment (OA) on gender affirming health systems to identify strengths and opportunities in primary care sites to develop and enhance the provision of culturally and clinically proficient care to transgender and gender nonconforming (TGNC)* youth
  • Pilot the OA through facilitated meetings with a working group and support them in determining priority opportunities and action plans
  • Disseminate this work throughout the region for other health centers to use in transforming their health systems

Cardea has a 40-year history of providing training, organizational development, and research and evaluation services to health and human service agencies throughout the U.S. Our mission is to improve organizations’ abilities to deliver accessible, high quality, culturally pproficient, and compassionate services to their clients.

Cardea offers training and resources for physicians, advanced practice clinicians, and other primary care providers to deliver clinically competent, respectful, culturally proficient health care to TGNC people.

Through ongoing support from Pride Foundation, Cardea initially delivered the two-part webinar series “Clinically Competent and Culturally Proficient Care for Transgender and Gender Variant Patients.” Based on that series, we developed two independent study courses: 1) Introduction to Gender and Sexuality in a Health Care Setting; and 2) Clinical Care for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Patients, co-provided with the Center of Excellence for Transgender Health and Cedar River Clinics. Finally, to address the specific and unique needs of clinicians working with adolescents, we delivered the webinar Clinical Care for Gender Nonconforming and Transgender Adolescents.

When Cardea delivers training to providers and other professionals in health care settings, we strive to pair training and organizational development, when possible, to support clinical systems change. Reaching New Heights is Cardea’s approach to building capacity for cultural proficiency at both the individual and organizational/systems levels. Given our work on Reaching New Heights, Cardea recognized that, for young people to experience clinically and culturally proficient care (CCP), we needed to support health systems transformation.


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