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UC Berkeley Center for Healthcare Organizational + Innovation Research (CHOIR)

How to Use This Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to assist communities working to share data across sectors to improve health. We begin by introducing the Accountable Communities for Health concept, and then provide seven parameters for framing your community’s current data-sharing maturity along a continuum from beginner to advanced. We recognize that not all communities are starting at the same place. Many are at the very beginning stages of contemplating this topic, while others have made initial progress in one or more areas. Progress along the seven parameters will vary and depend on the particular characteristics of a community and the priority health goals that it selects to address. For example, most communities will begin by setting priorities and establishing relationships. Others, however, might begin with a mandate and funding allocation, while still others will have a health information exchange in place with plans to use it for cross-sector data-sharing. We are not aware of any community that has solved all of the problems with data-sharing, thereby rating at the highest level on all parameters of the maturity models.


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