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Data Community for Change: Meeting Materials & Resources

In place of a DCC meeting the week of 9/17/20, we encourage members of the group to listen to the recording of the following webinar our data team attended.
Click here for the summary and link to the recording.

Meeting Materials

10/15/20 Meeting Slides

9/3/20 Meeting Slides

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Data Contours Materials

North Sound Community Impact Report

Data Contours COVID webinars can be viewed here.

Exploring the Equity Impacts of COVID-19:
In this discussion, we walk through the data on how COVID-19 has exacerbated inequality in communities. Early data suggests that there are large disparities in the impacts, which could further reinforce structural inequalities. We are joined by guest presenter, Gwen Young, who shares her perspective as president of BalanceUpLeadership, a strategic consultancy focused on gender and equity policy. Click here to watch the replay.

Comms Strategies for COVID Outbreaks:
Handling communication about COVID outbreaks – whether internally and externally, is challenging. In this discussion, we review the latest science and data about the virus and strategies for how and when communication is likely to be effective. Click here to watch the replay.

Exploring the Equity Impacts in North Sound Washington:
While the equity impacts of COVID-19 are widespread, the circumstances in each community are different – and so are their specific challenges. This discussion is focused on the specific equity impacts that COVID-19 is having in North Sound Washington. Click here to watch the replay.

Planning for Recovery:
In this discussion, we explore new tools and data that can help you assess needs and identify priorities for recovery efforts. We cover COVID-19 impacts, as well as population health and social determinants. Finally, we’ll share an example assessment you can use to begin planning and communicating with stakeholders. Click here to watch the replay.

Exploring the Urban/Rural Divide:
COVID has unevenly affected the US. One of the most striking disparities is in the impacts urban and rural communities have experienced. In this discussion, we explore some of the specific challenges facing urban and rural communities. Click here to watch the replay.

Assessing Community Needs Post COVID: Assessing community needs is a challenge under normal circumstances, and COVID has dramatically impacted communities in unique and unprecedented ways. As we look to the fall, understanding and quantifying community impacts will be key to effective response and recovery efforts. However, the traditional data sources and analysis techniques are out-of-date or inadequate for the scale and scope of what communities face. Join us for a discussion about how to do your next needs assessment in a post COVID world. Click here to watch the replay.

Presentation Slides: Introduction to the Community Report

Other Resources

RISE Index, School Edition

Reducing Poverty & Inequality in Washington: 10-year plan

Tribal Learning Webinar: Indigenous Health Indicators (Video Recording from 7/15/20)