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Background Materials:

One of the large projects that the North Sound ACH has responsibility for is the region’s participation in the Medicaid Transformation Project. Understanding the backdrop for the work is critical. The 2019 partnering providers were selected through an application process in summer and fall of 2018. Seventy organizations initiated the application process; 49 partner organizations completed the process to contracting for 2019 activities.

The work of the Medicaid Transformation Project requires that potential partners grasp the relationship between the work of the ACH, Washington’s agreement with the federal government, and work happening across the state with other ACHs.

Templates for Agreements between partnering providers and the North Sound ACH:

  1. Master Services Agreement, agreed to via theClick Agreementin the Financial Executor Portal: 
  2. Project-Specific Agreementfor non CCA Partners, addendum to Master Services Agreement: 
  3. Project-Specific Agreementfor CCA Partners, addendum to Master Services Agreement: 
  4. Exhibit A:Template for Scope of Work (For all Partners) 
  5. Exhibit B: Template for MOU for Care Coordination Agencies (CCAs only) 
  6. Exhibit C:Template for Payment Model (CCAs only)

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