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Nicole Willis has been selected to serve on the American Medical Informatics Association’s inaugural Health Informatics Certification Commission. The Commission’s work will expand health informatics certification opportunity for professionals and complement the clinical informatics subspecialty certification.

The 14 member Commission will be responsible for eligibility, examination development, and recertification requirements. Commission members represent different primary health domains, practice settings, and career stages. The Health Informatics Certification Commission is a committee of AMIA that will be autonomous with respect to all certification decisions and operations.

“I am excited about the opportunity to participate in the Health Informatics Certification development process,” shared Nicole. “AMIA is well-positioned to help shape, strengthen, and build leadership capacity in the wide spectrum of health informatics, and I am eager to be part of this inaugural national effort.”

The Commission members bring a broad range of perspectives and significant expertise to their work. They represent individuals who have training in nursing, health informatics, public health, pharmacy, medicine, dentistry, and nutrition.

For more information visit: AMIA Health Informatics Certification Commission: