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Communities of Color Coalition (C3) is a non-profit, non-partisan group that meets in Snohomish County to discuss, problem-solve, and advocate for social justice, cultural and religious respect, and human rights, especially for people of color and other under-represented groups. Their major areas of concern include but are not limited to: the elimination of personal and institutional racism, equal access to and opportunities in education, equal access to and opportunities in economic development and employment, and fair and equal treatment under the law and in our society.

North Sound ACH is honored to partner with C3 by helping to sponsor their 2019 Conference on Race on April 20. With our similar goals and outlook, we want to leverage one another’s work to support healthier and more resilient communities.

C3’s Color Commentary Radio Program presented a three-part series dedicated to youth suicide and prevention, in observance of National Suicide Prevention & Awareness Month last September.  Two of the segments feature Dr. Benjamin Danielson from the Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic; the other features Wendy Burchill, Community Health Specialists for the Snohomish County Health District.  These short segments feature information on youth suicide prevention, cultural and community factors, and highlight additional resources. 

“Color Commentary” —  providing you with experts, analysis and background information on racism, discrimination, and inclusion.

Part 1: Dr. Benjamin Danielson, Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic – 9/12/18

Part 2: Dr. Benjamin Danielson, Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic – 9/19/18

Part 3: Wendy Burchill, Snohomish Health District – 9/26/18