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North Sound ACH is launching a learning, advocacy, and action network, open to all community members and organizations seeking to advance a just and inclusive culture and the necessary conditions required for all community members to thrive. Together, we will provide the assets, influence, and leadership for the what we are calling the Collaborative Action Network. 

North Sound ACH was founded in 2015 by regional leaders from five counties and eight tribal nations, to be a table where collective learning, planning, and decision-making could occur, crossing traditional jurisdictional boundaries to tackle issues that impact health, believing that across this region, people are more connected than we are separate. 

Advancing equity, well-being, and a sense of belonging are fundamental elements of the regional work, and we are using the framework of targeted universalism to shape and inform planning, actions, decision making, and capacity building. Leveraging investments earned through the state’s Medicaid Transformation Project, North Sound ACH is seeing areas where capacity investments are critically needed.

Anyone — individuals or organizations — can join this network and become engaged in making the North Sound region a place where people can thrive, and the assets are organized to help make that happen. 

We are excited at how partners are responding so far, and grateful to all who sent us ideas to improve the language from the first draft to what is linked here. We hope to publish the cohorts in the coming weeks, and we know that one level of engagement may not fit all partners or cohort areas. We are aiming for a structure that allows you to see current and emerging cohorts, and consider where you and your organization wants to start.

Please contact if you have questions or would like to join the Network!