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It was so great to ‘see’ you all on August 11 and 12! Spending a day focused on bright spots was enriching, and we ended the day with a reminder that the work isn’t done when we say we’re going to do something. We have to actually follow up and DO the work. (Watch the recordings on our YouTube page.)

When I think of how much has changed since I joined the ACH team in October 2016, it is telling. For those who don’t remember – getting certified as an ACH (2017), writing a Project Plan (2017), followed by an Implementation Plan (2018); setting up Scopes of Work with each partner organization and beginning the work on the ground (2019). We thought we knew what was at stake once we got to that point, but then COVID-19 jolted communities across the world. As a reminder, across the five counties our partners are:

  • tribal health centers
  • hospitals – large, medium and small
  • primary care clinics, including Federally Qualified Health Centers
  • pediatrics, oral health, reproductive health and other clinic settings
  • behavioral health and substance use disorder providers
  • local health jurisdictions
  • fire and EMS districts
  • community based organizations, including family resource centers, YMCAs, community action agencies, senior services providers

Knowing how busy you all are, we have a lot of gratitude that you carved out part of those two days for the retreat. On the second day we introduced the concept of a North Sound Collaborative Action Network. Based on conversations with you and others, we had drafted a set of common agreements that would ground the network. We’ve had questions and feedback since the Retreat, and will add the revised draft to our newsletter going out this week. Here is the link to the revised set of commitments for regional partners joining the Collaborative Action Network. There is still time to weigh in and make recommendations!

Thanks for all you do. Your dedication and passion in the work does not go unnoticed.