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The North Sound ACH is governed by a Board of Directors, which has key committees, several of which are open to non-Board members.

Depending on the Committee, members should expect to spend between 3 to 6 hours per month on Board/committee work.  There are two committees whose members include Board members only: the Executive Committee and the Tribal Alignment Committee.

The Executive Committee is comprised of the board officers, and Committee Chairs and does not typically include other board members. The Executive Committee can make decisions on significant issues that arise between the full board meetings. The Executive Committee also approves the agenda for full board meetings. The Executive Committees must take every step to assure that it does not take over decision-making for the full board.

The Tribal Alignment Committee can include non-board members in its composition. Members can include current or former board members, and tribal/IHS/UIHP designees. At least one ACH board member who is not a representative of tribes, IHS facilities or UIHPs will be included. The Tribal Alignment Committee meets regularly to determine whether any ACH actions being contemplated, including the development of policies, programs, or agreements, will have an impact on AI/ANs, tribes, IHS, or UIHPs. 

Three board committees are currently accepting interest from community members (non-Board members) – Finance, Governance, and the Regional Voices Council.

The Finance Committee reviews budgets and fiscal policies, reports to the Board any financial irregularities, concerns or opportunities. The Finance Committee also recommends financial guidelines to the Board, oversees short and long term investments, and works with the auditor on annual audits.

The Governance Committee oversees and recommends revisions to the Board’s governance and policy documents, including bylaws, recommends refinement to the board and committee structure and membership, and recommends board training opportunities and needs. The Governance Committee defines the priorities for Board member recruitment, meets with prospective board members, recommends candidates to the board, and conducts orientation sessions for elected members.

The Regional Voices Council brings forward perspectives and insights from community members across the region, especially those impacted by disparities, reports to the board on community needs, assessments and engagement opportunities.

If you are interested in being considered for any of the Board committees listed above please contact Tiffany Edlin. She can describe the process and any necessary next steps.