Lummi Ceremony for Tibetian Monks
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Lummi Ceremony for Tibetian Monks

Members of the North Sound ACH team were honored with an invitation to join a special day with Lummi elders, storytellers and singers, and a group of Tibetan monks who had journeyed to Lummi to join in prayers for the earth. It was an amazing day affirming what binds people together, even when their homelands are thousands of miles apart. The messages of compassion, connectedness, and our spiritual relationship to the earth’s wellbeing was both nurturing and inspiring. We are so thankful to Lummi Nation for inviting us onto their land to join in that very special event.

“Attending this event was an incredible experience, and took me several days to fully process the honor, depth, and breadth of how special it was to share. I was humbled and extremely honored to be invited to join the event, and was struck by the history of the space. The recurring messages of compassion and connectedness to our families, communities, and culture was truly special. The healing aspects of the storytelling and singing that crossed cultures created a beautiful, peaceful space.” ~ Tiffany Edlin, North Sound ACH Staff

“Coming in to this experience with little knowledge of what to expect, I was so impacted by the great history and spiritual connection shared. The overwhelming, radical inclusivity we experienced that afternoon will stick with me for quite some time.”  ~ Hillary Thomsen, North Sound ACH Staff

Thank you to Darrell Hillaire and Children of the Setting Sun for this special invitation and their generous hospitality.